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The damp weather we’ve been having has brought out many fungi in gardens and the surrounding countryside. We’ve certainly noticed plenty as we walk our dogs Gru and Margot in the woods. Each year we get a couple of cases of dogs who are poisoned by eating fungi. Sadly some of these have proved fatal.

There are thousands of different fungi, many of which are not very poisonous but some can be very dangerous indeed. These can cause damage to the brain, kidneys or liver of your pet. Without expert knowledge, fungi can be extremely difficult to identify reliably. If the type of fungi is known it is possible to have a better idea of signs to expect and what the likely outcome will be.  This helps us to choose the best treatment for your pet.

We are able to get help from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) who may be able to identify the fungus involved from photos or samples (even if these are in your pet’s vomit or faeces) but please remember NOT to let children handle fungi and to wash your hands thoroughly if you handle fungi.

As with all poisonings contact the veterinary surgery as soon as possible so that treatment can be started to give your pet the best chance of recovery.