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Dental Suite

Top of the range equipment, dental tools and surgical facilities

Dental Suite

Top of the range equipment, dental tools and surgical facilities

State of the art dental suite

At Dave Cumber Vets we have a state of the art dental suite at our Weymouth Surgery, which is used when conducting dental treatments. Our top of the range equipment, dental tools and surgical facilities ensure that patients receive the highest level of care and monitoring throughout the duration of their dental surgery. A team of highly qualified and experienced veterinary professionals will be on hand to ensure that the highest levels of care are adhered to through each stage of the surgery and whilst your pet is recovering from anaesthetic.

Dental Suite Facilities:

Tub table

Tub tables allow the patient to lay in a comfortable position during surgery. They also allow water to drain away from the patient

Piped oxygen and active scavenging

Patients are given 100% oxygen throughout the duration of the dental surgery. Anaesthetic gasses that are breathed out by the patient are taken away.

Dental x-rays

Digital dental x-rays are relatively new to veterinary surgery. They enable us to conduct a thorough investigation of the patient’s mouth, teeth and jaw. We can also check the condition of the tooth roots, located below the gum line.

Electric scaler, polisher and drill

Ultrasonic tools are used to effectively remove the visible build up of tartar and calculus, which prevents the onset of periodontal disease. This will help to ensure good oral health and reduce yellowing and bad breath.

Heat mats

Patients are carefully wrapped with a heat blanket during their dental surgery. This helps maintain their body temperature whilst they are under general anaesthetic.

Multi-Parameter monitor

During surgical procedures patients are observed continuously by our team of expert vets and nurses. Our state of the art multi-parameter monitor checks the patient’s heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and temperature throughout the surgery, to ensure they remain stable and comfortable.

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