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Finding the right vet for your pet is an important decision to make, and visiting your new vet for the first time can sometimes be quite daunting.

Here at Dave Cumber Veterinary Surgeons, we want to make sure you have a great first visit, so relax as our team is friendly, experienced and here to help you and your pet.

All our staff contribute to the care of your pet, from your first phone call to book an appointment to the moment your pet is returned to you after treatment.

Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club helps you ensure your pet has the very best, affordable, preventative healthcare to help them stay in tip top condition. Our plan enables you to split the cost over the year with small monthly payments.

Summer dangers for dog owners

Blue-green Algae Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed some amazing summer weather; however this has not come without its problems for dogs and their owners. One of the summer dangers has been the emergence of Blue-green algae in our rivers and waterways. These...

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Desensitisation treatment for dogs who have a firework phobia

Whilst firework night might seem like an age away, now is the perfect time to start preparing your dog for the festive season if it suffers from noise related anxiety. Fear caused by fireworks can be distressing for many dogs and cause outwards displays of stress such...

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Preparing to bring your new cat or kitten home

Welcoming a new cat or kitten into the family can be an incredibly exciting experience. Any animal lover will attest to the fact that pets greatly enrich our lives and quickly become a much-loved and irreplaceable member of the family. With this in mind, in...

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