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Vets in Weymouth and Dorchester

Finding the right vet for your pet is an important decision to make, and visiting your new vet for the first time can sometimes be quite daunting.

Here at Dave Cumber Veterinary Surgeons, we want to make sure you have a great first visit, so relax as our team is friendly, experienced and here to help you and your pet.

All our staff contribute to the care of your pet, from your first phone call to book an appointment to the moment your pet is returned to you after treatment.

Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club helps you ensure your pet has the very best, affordable, preventative healthcare to help them stay in tip top condition. Our plan enables you to split the cost over the year with small monthly payments.

Basic Pet First Aid

Sometimes our pets can find themselves in difficult situations, which can result in them getting hurt. Knowing basic first aid can help make your pet more comfortable before you can seek veterinary help. In emergency situations it could potentially save your pet’s...

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Protect Your Pet From Grass Seeds

Grass seeds (or grass awns) are a summer menace so protecting your pet from grass seeds is essential. We have been inundated with cases of pets with lodged grass seeds this year, a problem which usually continues from June until late Autumn. These grass seeds are...

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Our Guide to Grooming your Dog this Summer

With the arrival of the warm weather it’s important to take proactive measures to keep your dog cool. Most owners know the benefits of avoiding hot pavements and providing plenty of fluids and shade, however the topic of summer grooming is less understood. In this...

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