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Diagnostic Equipment

Extensive range of advanced diagnostic equipment

Diagnostic Equipment

Extensive range of advanced diagnostic equipment

At Dave Cumber Vets we have an extensive range of advanced diagnostic equipment, which is used in our state of the art surgery:


A video camera at the end of either a flexible or rigid tube (we have both in multiple sizes for different sized patients) so we can explore internal organs including the digestive tract (stomach, some of the small intestine and bowel or large intestine) and the respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs). We can also remove some foreign bodies this way to avoid open surgery.


Allows us to put a camera through a tiny keyhole port into the abdomen (or chest) to examine the surface of organs and take biopsies if needed, without the need for full open surgery.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray enables imaging of internal organs and bones. We get immediate digital pictures and our x-ray machine is the same as used in many human NHS hospitals. This is particularly useful for our orthopaedic surgeries.

Dental Digital X-ray

One machine in each dental suite allows us to take detailed images of teeth and roots so we can fully assess their health and make the best decision for dental treatments.


Modern ultrasound is used for pregnancy diagnosis and examining internal organs including heart scans to help diagnose heart diseases.

In-house Laboratory

Tests include assessing liver and kidney function, blood cells, inflammatory markers and many internal enzymes and hormones to help diagnose and monitor a range of complicated medical conditions.

ECG (electrocardiography)

ECG provides immediate information on how the heart is functioning and helps us detect potentially very dangerous conditions and decide what treatments are needed. This is also used as part of our anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

Blood Pressure

Pets commonly suffer from blood pressure problems, and high blood pressure is particularly common in geriatric pets and can be very dangerous to health. This is also used as part of our anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

Ophthalmoscope and Tonometry

Allow us to examine deeper structures of the eye and diagnose many eye diseases including glaucoma (high pressure in the eye – a very painful condition that can lead to blindness if not treated early).

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