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Dental Treatments

dog teeth hygieneDental surgeries are usually day cases, which means your pet will be admitted in the morning and go home the same day, usually before 6pm.

A general anaesthetic is usually always required when having any dental treatment, as it is not possible to do a good dental procedure on a conscious animal. An anaesthetic is given for the pet’s mental health and physical comfort and gives the vet a better chance to do a thorough investigation.

Scale and polish

A popular procedure is a scale and polish when tartar can be seen on the visible part of the tooth. Sometimes when the teeth are diseased they will need an examination and sometimes an extraction of the tooth.

Some animals may need an x-ray to highlight any dental disease and decide the appropriate course of treatment. Cats are usually always x-rayed as they often have hidden changes below the gum line.

Rest and recuperate

At Dave Cumber Vets we strongly feel that 2 hours is long enough for a general anaesthetic for a non-emergency procedure such as dental, unless there is a good reason to extend. Recovery time may be prolonged if the anaesthetic time was too long. Sometimes this may result in the procedure being carried out on two separate occasions. When you take your pet home it will need lots of love and hugs and just soft food for a few days.

If your pet requires pain relief this will be given during the procedure and additional pain relief can then be given at home. If a little bleeding occurs for a day or so, don’t worry this is quite normal, but if you are worried please contact your vet.

Prevention is always better than a cure, so brushing your pet’s teeth regularly is always a good idea from an early age.

If you would like to discuss any of these services further with our team of friendly and helpful staff, contact either or Weymouth or Dorchester surgeries for more information.