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Cat Friendly Clinic

Dave Cumber Vets are proud to be a Cat Friendly Clinic and have been awarded gold status by the International Society of Feline Medicine. The worldwide programme has been designed to ensure that accredited veterinary surgeries are implementing practices that improve the treatment and handling of cats.

Our gold standard rating recognises the procedures that we have put in place to reduce stress for both cats and their owners, throughout their time at Dave Cumber Vets surgery.

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As a Cat Friendly Clinic we are required to meet the following guidelines:


Cat waiting area and consultation room 

  • Designated cat waiting area, which is separate from dogs to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Shelves available for carriers to be stored above floor level because cats prefer to be high off the ground
  • Blankets available to cover cat baskets to make cats feel safe and secure
  • Trained receptionists who are able to offer practical advice on the most stress free way to transport your cat to the clinic
  • Consulting room that is primarily used by cats to prevent unfamiliar smells and noises

Cat handling

  • Staff trained on how to handle cats in a gentle manner without restraint
  • A minimum consultation time to ensure cat friendly handling and thorough investigation and diagnosis

Cat operating theatre

  • Dedicated cat operating theatre that is used for emergency and routine operations
  • State of the art monitoring equipment, including blood pressure monitor

Cat hospitalisation 

  • Cat only ward to house cats staying for prolonged periods of time
  • Bed for comfort and place to hide
  • Space to sit up high


  • At least one cat advocate who ensures that we adhere to high levels of cat care throughout the surgery
  • All members of staff have an understanding of how to create a comfortable environment
  • A rage of cat specific leaflets and literature easily available to owners as well as members of the veterinary and nursing staff

Kitten in grass. Dave Cumber Vets is a cat friendly clinic.