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Sam Day

Head Veterinary Nurse

Sam Day
Sam Day RVN Head Veterinary Nurse

What is your position within the surgery?

Head nurse RVN

What are your personal origins – how did you come to reside in your current location?

Born in Weymouth

Why did you become a veterinary nurse?

I wanted to work with animals. I did my school work experience at a veterinary surgery and loved it.

How did you become a veterinary nurse ?

In 1996 I was at my cousin’s house that was opposite Fielding and Cumber Vets, as it was then, at Chickerell Road. They persuaded me to go in and ask if there were any jobs going. As a scared 16 year old I plucked up the courage and was interviewed by Dave straight away. By that evening I had landed myself a job as an auxiliary veterinary nurse working 4 days a week (and on the on call rota) with one day at college doing an animal care course.  

What do you actually do as a veterinary nurse?

In the year 2000 I gained my veterinary nurse NVQ certificate and around 2003 I became head nurse. In 2014 I passed my Certificate in Anaesthesia and in 2017 I have completed two courses on animal dentistry to become the oral care nurse.  I am at present completing an anaesthetic emergencies course.

Tell us about your pets. What are their names, ages, histories and personalities?

I have an OCD Staffy called “Star” that is obsessed with watching anything that moves, even woodlouse! We have two rats called “Chocolate” and “Sweetie-pie” that my children adore. Chocolate plays tug-O-war with my daughter. In the garden we have 2 rabbits called “Chesil” and “Petal” and a guinea pig called “Hettie”. We also have 17 chickens, 2 of which we hatched ourselves in April 2017.

What are your personal interests and achievements?

I like to be doing things, I can’t sit still for long! I enjoy doing things around the garden especially carpentry. I enjoy taking my children out to different places to explore. My husband and I are currently in the process of planning a rather large extension to our new house, I like a project.