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Hayley Drinkhill

Veterinary Nurse

Hayley Drinkhill - Veterinary Nurse
Hayley Drinkhill RVN Veterinary Nurse

What is your position within the surgery?

Veterinary nurse

What are your personal origins – how did you come to reside in your current location?

Grew up in Cornwall and went to University in Chester to study Animal Behaviour. Met my now husband whilst on my summer break from uni and moved to his in Weymouth after my degree was complete.

Why did you become a veterinary nurse ?

I have always loved animals and after completing my degree I worked with horses on various yards. After working a winter on a horse racing yard in Wiltshire I decided I needed to be more mentally challenged in my job. I did some work experience at a veterinary surgeons and loved it and sent out my CV to all veterinary surgeons within reasonable commuting distance.

How did you become a veterinary nurse?

GCSE’s, A-levels, BSC (Hons) degree in animal behaviour and welfare and then NVQ in veterinary nursing.

What do you actually do as a veterinary nurse?

I don’t currently specialise in any area as I only work part time due to 2 small children at home. However, when time permits I would like to further my education in animal behaviour with the aim of being able to run my own behaviour clinics.

Tell us about your pets. What are their names, ages, histories and personalities?

Lexi, 7 old DSH. Had her since she was 7 weeks old. She is a Labrador in a cats body, as soon as her food is put in her bowl she inhales it and then goes to my husband claiming she hasn’t been fed in the hope of a second helping!

What are your personal interests and achievements?

My personal interests outside of work include spending all my time with my young family.