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7th July 1999 to 1st June 2010

Otherwise known as the “rolling pin” dog passed away peacefully and naturally at the Weymouth Surgery – laid to rest at home with all the family pets.

Dear Sadie –
You were an amazing, loving, caring and generous dog with a fun spirit- so keen to please.
We remember your incredible love of food especially cheese – and your obsession with socks and brushes!
We laugh as we remember:-
The day you peed on the postman’s shoes- The day you climbed up the ladder into the recovery lorry just as if you were at agility- The way you loved to howl to the clarinet-
Your incessant and noisy snoring- And so many more fun days and adventures we had together. We will always remember you with Joy – the most special of dogs – we could never replace you. Thank you so much to Fielding and Cumber for their good care over all Sadie’s life and especially to Sarah Francis who was with Sadie when she fell asleep.