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My best friend and my sexy little man that’s what he was to me from the first time I saw him aged 4 weeks until the day I said goodbye aged 10½ years it just wasn’t long enough. I simply want to say that my boy was larger than life and lived every day to the full. He was handsome, gentle, brave and very proud of his good looks. He knew that although I was meant to be top dog, he was. He had me just where he wanted me by his side always, we were inseparable, it was me and my shadow. It is hard to put into words unless you knew him just how funny and unique he was and what a devastating loss his passing has been. He filled my life with his constant love and affection, every day he made me smile or laugh at something he did and we got each other through some tough times and it worked both ways. It was an honour and privilege to have shared the last 10½ years with him but it just wasn’t long enough – he was my sexy little man, my boy “Sadeeq”, forever in my heart and thoughts and missed so very much. April 25th 2000 – October 7th 2010.

My special thanks to all at Fielding and Cumber especially Kate Reeve, my boy’s favourite vet and to Andrea and Amanda on that sad day. Thank you all, Tina and Sadeeq.