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Fate brought Poppy into our lives. She was left alone to die, mistreated and abandoned. It was heartbreaking to see the dreadful condition her previous owners had left her in. When the veterinary nurse told me she was unlikely to survive I knew we had to give her a home. She was a sorry soul, with many health problems, but she was so brave and gave us and her adopted Mum “Suzie”, our other dog, eleven short months of love and affection. She has left a massive gap in our lives but lots of happy memories.

But now you are gone we want you to know Poppy,
The gates of memory never close,
How much we miss you nobody knows.
Loved and remembered every day
In our hearts you will always stay
Poppy we will never know your tragic past,
Only the love together that will forever last.
You touched each heart who you ever met,
So brave and loving we will never forget.
These cherished memories so short but sweet
Will eternally stay until we eventually meet.
“God Bless Sweetheart”
Gina, Danny and Suzi