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Fleas and your Cat

Learn the facts, what to do, and how we can help

Fleas and your Cat

Learn the facts, what to do, and how we can help

The Facts

  • All pets can get fleas
  • The only thing that will kill a flea pupa is a flame thrower
  • 95% of the flea’s life cycle takes place OFF the pet & only 5% on it
  • Fleas are not a sign of poor hygiene, they are blood-sucking parasites like mosquitoes
  • Flea pupae must therefore be encouraged to hatch before the emerging adult fleas can be killed
  • Fleas will bite and start sucking blood within seconds of landing on a cat or dog

The Sudden Outbreak of Cat Fleas

There are number of practical measures you can take if you get a sudden outbreak of fleas. 

  • Wash your pet’s bedding
  • Treat all pets in the house
  • Allow pets back into the rooms – their presence will encourage pupae to hatch
  • Vacuum daily – the vibrations will encourage pupae to hatch
  • Spray floors, furnishings, car and especially the pet’s bedding with INDOREX to kill larvae and adult fleas in the environment
  • Treat all other cats in the household

There will still be indestructible pupae in the environment which will have to be allowed to emerge before they can be killed. This means that one treatment will not be enough. Do not drop your guard – treatment needs to be continued all year round.

Don't Panic!

Help is at hand – By breaking the Flea life cycle both on and most importantly off your pet, it is possible to control a sudden outbreak and to maintain long-term, effective flea control.

It is very important that you get the best advice for your pet and your lifestyle. For a personalised action plan of what products to use and when to use them, please make an appointment at one of our nurse clinics or with one of the veterinary surgeons.

Routine Control of Cat Fleas

  • Regular washing of pet bedding
  • Monthly treatment of cats & dogs ( or a 6 monthly injection for cats only) to prevent eggs hatching
  • Regular vacuuming to help stimulate pupae to emerge and to help remove eggs, larvae & young adults from the environment
  • Monthly spot-on to kill adult fleas on your cat. Beaware that even with regular use of these products YOU MAY STILL SEE ADULT FLEAS. These will have recently emerged from pupae but will be killed within 24 hours of contact with a treated pet, before they can lay eggs
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