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At Dave Cumber Vets we have recently introduced a new all in one tick, flea and worming tablet for dogs. Nexguard Spectra is a tasty flavoured chewable tablet, which can be given as a single dose once a month, either with a meal or on its own. This highly regarded preventative treatment provides all round protection against a number of parasites, which can cause severe and often life-threatening side effects.

Nexguard Spectra prevents against the following parasites


Lungworm causes potentially fatal damage to the lungs and can irreversibly affect breathing. Almost more dangerously the parasite travels through the bloodstream around the dog’s body and releases anti-clotting chemicals as it moves, leading rapidly and suddenly to fatal bleeding disorders – often difficult to detect until too late so prevention is best.


Roundworms are passed out of the dog in faeces and easily contaminate soil, which can result in human ingestion and infection. Once infected, the worms can cause eye, lung, heart and neurologic signs in people. Children are particularly at risk and annually in the UK there are cases of children going blind from dog roundworm infection. This is why the local council often administers such high fines for people not picking up their dog’s faeces – not just because it is unpleasant but because unwormed dogs pose a massive health risk to people. 


Fleas are a common cause of skin irritation and disease in dogs. They are also the most common source of dog tapeworms – transmitted when a grooming dog accidentally ingests a flea. This means that maintaining good flea control, also massively reduces risk of tapeworms in dogs.


Ticks transmit diseases to both pets (e.g. babesiosis) and humans (e.g. lymes disease) in the household, so good control for your pet is also protective for the rest of the family. Home-tried methods of removing ticks such as covering in Vaseline or trying to soak off in alcohol often stress the tick rather than making it drop off. The stress makes them more likely to regurgitate into the animal it is feeding from and therefore more likely to transmit disease between individuals.

Mange Mites

Fox mange mites burrow through the skin and causes severe skin irritation and damage and is transmissible to people.

Dogs on a raw food diet or who have access to animal carcasses (e.g. dogs who scavenge off lead on countryside walks) are still at risk of tapeworm so we advise giving a Drontal Tapeworm tablet every 3 months to protect against this.  Tapeworm can also be contracted by licking off and eating fleas, so as long as your pet is up to date with an effecting flea treatment (e.g. Nexguard) this risk of transmission is very low.

Nexguard Spectra is available to purchase in our Weymouth and Dorchester surgeries and included in the Pet Health Club. For more information please contact our friendly and knowledgeable veterinary team.