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2nd June 1998 – 2nd June 2010

It’s very hard to write something about Megan in so few words, when we could probably write a short book. We brought Megan home at 8 weeks old, having first chosen her as a puppy of 5 weeks old, and being vetted by her breeders, as suitable owners. How life for us changed from that day forward. GSP’s, as they are known in the Gundog world, are one of the Hunt, Point, Retrieve breeds, or HPR’s for short. This means that they can do 3 jobs, so also have 3 times the brain of other dogs. Megan excelled at all 3 jobs,and would have been a gift of a dog for anybody in the shooting field, but to us she came as a pet, although we did give her some gundog training. She was a very strong, keen swimmer too, and we had a job to keep her out of water, whether it was summer or winter. She was such an active dog, she would even drink on the run, trawling through deep puddles, rather than standing still to drink.

You have left a huge void in our home, and no-one misses you more than Sofie, our other 3 year old Gsp.

We will never forget you Megan.xxx