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10th December 2001 – 9th June 2010

Jake was very special to us and we miss him very much but you cannot keep things forever.  We will always remember how Jake looked at us when we were busy and we just knew that he was asking to either go out for a walk, have a swim or be giving you a reminder that it might be dinner time!  Jake gave back to us all the love we gave to him.  He was a loyal companion and friend.  Jake will be forever missed and never forgotten.  He brought much pleasure and fun into our lives and we believe that we gave him a good and happy home to share with us.

Jake has been taken away much too soon at 8 ½ years old.  We believe that his ending was not painful but just a sleep from which he would not wake up.  We want to thank all the staff and especially James the vet who showed such compassion and kindness to both ourselves and to Jake during his last moments.  A close friend recently told us of a well known saying that “pets come and go in your life but they always leave a paw print on your heart” – that is so true.

Ann and Nick Dennis