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Cat Friendly Clinic logo.We are delighted to announce that we are a Cat Friendly Clinic. We have been awarded the Gold Standard in providing veterinary care for cats.

International Cat Care runs the “Cat Friendly” scheme where practices can attain bronze, silver or gold awards based on how well they meet the very special needs of their cat patients and owners.

Most cat owners know all too well how stressed their pets can become on a visit to the vet especially if they have to stay for an operation. We started working to improve the experience for our cat patients while we were still at the old Chickerell Road surgery with our vet Sarah and receptionist Mel. We did what we could, such as separate cat ward and operating theatres, but were very limited by the actual building.

Our new surgery was built to provide the best veterinary care for cats

When we were designing the new Weymouth veterinary surgery at Link Park, cat welfare was very high on the list of priorities and the surgery was designed to give cats the best, least stressful experience we could possibly achieve. The new design included:

  • separate waiting areas with screening from dogs
  • separate reception with a shelf to rest cat cages on (cats HATE being placed on the floor)
  • separate cat ward and theatres accessible without going through any areas with dogs
  • specially designed cages for day patients and larger ones for longer term inpatients
  • longer 15 minute consultations to allow cats and kittens time to relax
  • separate cat consultation room
  • isolation ward

Throughout this time, Sarah and Mel were working in the background keeping us focused and on target to get it absolutely right for our cat patients.

We are delighted to have the gold award but even more rewarding is to see how “chilled” our in-patient cats now are.  Nurse Libby noted that she used to get scratched quite often by stressed cats but since moving to our new surgery she hasn’t been scratched once! We strive to provide the best possible veterinary care for cats.

Thanks to Sarah and Mel for all their hard work.

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