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Well that was an interesting week! It all started when we thought our clients ought to be warned that we had already seen a significant rise in adder bites on dogs this year. We put a news item on our website with an easy guide of what to look for and what to do should your dog be bitten by an adder. This information also went on our Facebook page and as a press release because we wanted to warn as many dog owners as possible.

To our surprise our “adder alert” was picked up within a few hours not only by Wessex FM but also by ITV Meridian, BBC Radio Solent and the Dorset Echo. Suddenly everyone wanted interviews including live phone interviews – all very exciting!

Dave Cumber Vet on ITV news.

Richard Slee from ITV Meridian News interviewing Dave Cumber.

It is also slightly worrying because you never know which “snippet” from a very long interview they may choose to broadcast; “local vet Dave Cumber says….”. Another concern is to keep things in proportion – the last thing we want to do is scare visitors away with stories of plagues of venomous snakes, especially with a bank holiday weekend looming.

ITV Meridian were keen to come dave cumber vets says beware of adder bites on dogs.down and film at the surgery and if possible meet one of the affected dogs with its owners. Sam our head nurse was set to contacting clients with dogs that had been bitten and “Millie” Matthews was invited in with her owner. Everything was set until there was a high profile incident in London. Understandably adders in Dorset went onto a back burner and our best laid plans went with them! We had to reschedule everything for the next day when luckily Millie could still make it. She was an absolute star and a natural in front of the camera. Richard Slee was not only the reporter but cameraman, sound engineer and editor all rolled into one and at one point I actually got a go behind the camera when he wanted a shot of himself with Millie.

It was all very interesting, if slightly stressful but the most important thing is that the original warning about the danger of adder bites reached as many people as possible.

If you would like to see our moment in the spotlight you can watch the ITV piece here.