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Chevie was the most lovely Blue/White Persian boy, who became my stud cat, and over the 11 years I had him he produced some lovely kittens. He was such a gentle cat, never used his claws in anger, but loved to lick your cheek and end it with a quick bite of affection. Such a lovely character, I will miss him very much. His lovely long fur was so soft to touch and he loved to be brushed, sometimes helping by holding the brush in his paws and rubbing his face into the bristles all the time purring loudly with contentment – he gave me many hours of pleasure. In the last couple of months he became very poorly, sadly nothing could be done for him and he died peacefully in his sleep.

Pavie, my lovely chocolate boy, he was born to one of my queens and he was so cute with his amber eyes and long whiskers and playfulness. He became quite a character – my German Shepherd dog used to carry him round in his mouth, they spent hours playing together. It was lovely to watch this friendship grow, they would curl up together on the sofa, the dog’s paw over the top of Pavie and him purring loudly. I named him Pavie after Pavarotti the singer because if you spoke to him he would answer with a high-pitched meee-oooow and run towards you and jump on your knee for a cuddle. I had 13 years of love and affection from him which I will miss as he died after a short illness.

These two boys died within a couple of days of each other. I will always treasure the time we spent together – “cats leave paw prints on your heart” and will never be forgotten.