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Tribute to Billy Coles

Dear Vets and Nurses

My husband and I would like to say thank you for the loving care of our cat Billy. He started life as a little CPL (Cats Protection League) kitten who chose us a long time ago when our children were little. The love we gave him was returned completely and he was probably the only cat that purred at the Vets whatever his problems. The years passed and our children grew up and got married. Whenever they came home for a visit they never said “Hello Mum and dad how are you?” It was always “Where’s Billy?”
With the children grown up it became even more so that Billy was like a child who adored hugs and kisses and he could purr for England as any vet knows who tried to listen to his heart. But old age and health problems finally proved too much and at 15 years old it was his time to rest. Even on his last day the kindness of Kate and her nurse Gill were full of empathy itself. It made Billy’s exit a moment of bonding and love for a cat so full of love himself.
We are all in emotional pain fight now but it is made easier by the knowledge that we have saved Billy from a sad decline in wellbeing.
Colossians Chapter 3 verse 14: “Clothe yourselves with love for it is a perfect bond of Union” For the love and care you have shown – Thank you. Brian and Janet Coles, son Steven and daughter Belinda xxx