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Karen Beeston

Veterinary Nurse at Dorchester

Karen Beeston
Karen Beeston RVN Veterinary Nurse at Dorchester

What is your position within the surgery?

Registered veterinary nurse at the Dorchester Surgery

What are your personal origins – how did you come to reside in your current location?

After moving to Weymouth with my parents at the age of 6 years, I have called Dorset home. Later in life I moved away and spent time in Oxfordshire and North Wales, but returned to Dorset to raise my own children here.

Why did you become a veterinary nurse?

I always knew I would work with animals, even though as a child I was unable to have cats or dogs, but we did have a couple of family canaries and I had a hamster when I was 11. I started as a veterinary nursing assistant at the age of 17 and never looked back.

How did you become a veterinary nurse?

After leaving school, I went to college for a year to gain more ‘O’ levels, until I could find a job in a veterinary surgery. I was offered one at 17 years old and stayed in that practice for 3 and a half years, until I found another practice that was able to provide my formal training. I have since worked in several veterinary practices around the country, while also spending 11 years teaching animal care to young and more mature adults in 2 different agricultural colleges.

What do you actually do as a veterinary nurse?

In addition to the normal veterinary nursing duties (consultations, anaesthetics, reception, assisting the vet, recovering Patients, lab work, cleaning e.t.c), I have been lucky enough to visit local schools and pre-schools to teach children basic animal care up until I moved to the Dorchester surgery to become the sole veterinary nurse. I am passionate about all aspects of my work, and although I love all the species of animals we see, I seem to have a special affinity with our feline patients and am one of our practice’s Feline Advocates.

Tell us about your pets. What are their names, ages, histories and personalities?

I share my home with 4 cats and a dog (as well as my children).

Oscar – my 16 year old moggie who started life as a feral farm kitten, now the most affectionate cat ever

Nala – a 7 year old moggie rescued as a kitten brought to us with a badly fractured leg that unfortunately had to be amputated

Flo – a 5 year old moggie also rescued as a kitten brought to us again with a fractured hip and hernia. Now healthy and happy

Joey – a 1 year old moggie who I helped deliver when a friend’s cat was having difficulty giving birth

Tilly – a 12 year old Jack Russell, re-homed last year due to previous owner’s personal circumstances changing

Prim and Finn – 2 bunnies re-homed after previous owner’s unable to keep them

What are your personal interests and achievements?

As well as walking the dog, I enjoy reading, cake decorating, singing and drama, a large glass of wine at the weekend and have just discovered the joys of gin!