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a little nag

No, we haven't taken up treating horses again!  This is an appeal to pick up your dog's poo AND put it in a bin!!!  We all very aware of the many very good reasons for clearing up after your dog - health, hygiene, looks.  Nobody likes dog poo even if it has been...

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We have moved!

The "coming soon" sign has been removed because we moved on the weekend 12/13th November to our new hospital standard surgery at Link Park.  You can see our latest moving leaflet by clicking here.  The doors opened to our clients on Monday 14th November at 8am! The...

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£49.98 puppy vaccines

Vaccinate your new puppy for just £49.98! We believe that protecting your pet against all the most common (and sometimes potentially fatal) diseases is one of the most important things you can do as a responsible owner. When you get a new puppy of course you want them...

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our monthly editorial…

dave cumber vets – february 2017

A bit belated I know, but we would all like to wish you and your pets a very happy 2017!

Life has been incredibly busy since the move to our fabulous new surgery in Link Park.  Thanks to the extremely hard work of our fantastic team the move went really well and thanks also to you, our clients, for your patience during the disruption.

There have been the inevitable teething problems – you may well have noticed fun & games
with the sliding doors which firstly kept setting each other off and then got stuck!  Then there have been the alarms which seem to enjoy going off at 2am for no particular reason.  But we are now really settling in and it is great to see how well the new building is working.  The new cat suite is working particularly well.  Many of you cat owners will know how dave cumber vets cat friendly practicestressed your pet gets when coming to the surgery.  We have worked extremely hard to minimise this with our separate cat reception, waiting area & consulting room and completely separate cat ward and operating facility.  It is a real pleasure to see how much more “chilled” our feline in-patients are now that they are removed from the general hubbub.

veterinary nursing at dave cumber vetsA new year is often a time when people (with their pets) decide to get healthy by maybe losing some weight and doing more exercise. On a very personal note, Gru & Margot went to stay with our ex-nurse Gill recently who runs Ockalty Professional Animal Services.  Gill remarked that Gru was getting a bit podgy (poor Gru) so we have embarked on a “get Gru fit” campaign.  It’s really not rocket science to help your pet get healthier.  We weighed her and then weighed the amount of food she was getting.  Just like with us, it is very easy to allow a bit of “creep” with portion size so occasionally checking how much you are feeding is a really good idea.  We also stopped all titbits – Gru always loves to “pre-wash” the dishwasher contents.  Our dogs have always had lots of exercise as we quite often run with them and we try and aim for half an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  As young dogs they are quite active and will happily run around, jumping in rivers and haring around fields but not all dogs are quite so keen so you may need to do a bit of encouragement to get them active.  If you would like an assessment and lots of targeted advice about how you can help your pet to get fit you can book into one of our free nurse-run weight clinics.  We run them in both Dorchester and Weymouth surgeries but you will need to make an appointment.  You can however pop in any time to either surgery to have your pet weighed.

Can you spot Gru & Margot in the back row taking part in a scout sponsored walk while on their hols with Gill??

dave cumbers dogs gru & margot at Gills




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