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Our new vet

We are very excited to be welcoming a new vet to the team. Pablo Vila has just joined us from Maidenhead. Unfortunately we don’t have a suitable photo to show

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slug bait poisoning

Nobody with a garden likes slugs and snails. Unfortunately the most effective chemical way of getting rid of them is extremely poisonous to pets, fielding and

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lily poisoning

Lilies can cause fatal poisoning in cats. Now is the time of year when many people are giving flowers to friends and family – what with the wedding lily poisoning

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dave cumber vets – july 2015

Phew wot a scorcher!…….as the Sun paper would say.  July has certainly started with some mediterranean cat in deck chairtemperatures which is great as long as you don’t have a fur coat and can only cool down by panting!  It does seem a bit of a design fault that dogs in particular are so susceptible to hyperthermia (overheating) but it is up to us as responsible owners to protect them – not rocket science, just common sense.  Avoid walking at the hottest times of the day, try and pick shady walks in the morning or evening.  Avoid car journeys if very hot and if  unavoidable then make sure there are plenty of windows open or use the air conditioning (if your car is newer than mine!).  NEVER, EVER leave your pet in the car on a hot day, they just can’t cool down and dogs die unnecessarily every year because of it.  Wherever you leave your pet make sure there is plenty of water to drink, good ventilation and somewhere shaded to sleep.  Remember its not just dogs – other pets in hot cars and all the small pets in cages such as rats, mice gerbils, guinea pigs etc.  Make sure their cages are not in the full midday sun and make sure they have water available – lecture over!!

Well, have you noticed?  We are now officially (on the website at least!) “Dave Cumber Vets”!  Many of you will remember Martin Fielding who was the other half of Fielding and Cumber but has been retired for many years.  It is always difficult to change the name of a well established business but we felt it was now time and so the process has started.  First the website and adverts then gradually we will change the signage and stationery and finally you will find the phone answered as “Dave Cumber Vets”.  We are still the same, with the same local, friendly, family values which is why we have kept Dave in the name. We hope we will continue to go from strength to strength and that you and your pets will continue to benefit from the increasing services we can offer.

We have lots of very exciting things in the pipeline for 2015 which we will be keeping you up to date with here on the website and on our facebook page so watch this space! We will also be “fine tuning” our Puppy Packages which run alongside our very popular pet health club. They are a great way to make sure your puppy gets the best start you can give them and represent great value as well. Check out the details via the pet health club link at the bottom of the page.

You may have noticed that we have had no new monthly articles for the past few months. This is because Ruth who writes them is having some time off for family reasons. We hope we will be able to restart them soon but in the meantime you can see all the previous very interesting articles in our article archive. This month we have re-run a rather topical and very useful article on helping baby birds. This is the time of year when we start seeing more wild birds being brought into the surgeries and although instinctively we all want to help, sometimes the right thing to do is leave well alone. Anyway, you can read all about it in the article.



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