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vet nurse wanted

We are looking for a fully qualified veterinary nurse for our Dorchester branch surgery.  This is a role we would really like to develop and is a great opportunity for someone with lots of ideas and enthusiasm who would like to put their own stamp on the practice.  If... read more

£49.99 puppy & kitten vaccines

Vaccinate your new puppy or kitten or restart your adult pet for just £49.99.  We believe that protecting your pet against all the most common (and sometimes potentially fatal) diseases is one of the most important things you can do as a responsible owner.  When you... read more

hogweed poisoning

“The most dangerous plant in Britain” giant hogweed and its close relations hogweed and cow parsley can cause severe skin reactions in people and their pets! The hogweed family are common around the UK, and tend to be found around watersides as well as in grassy areas... read more

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dave cumber vets – august 2015

Well here we are in the depths of the summer holidays – lots of us travelling about either on outings or away on dave cumber's dogs Gru & Margot on holidayholiday. Our pets are being looked after by neighbours or in catteries and kennels or travelling with us. Even our dog walking changes – we tend to go on longer walks to different places. It all means lots of changes to the normal routine of our pets’ lives. What we tend to see at the surgery is a last minute dash to get vaccinations up to date for kennels; lots more cuts, ripped nails and split pads from the increase walking; adder bites; grass seeds up noses, down ears and in every imaginable orifice; objects such as pebbles stuck in the stomach and lots of upset stomachs from the picnics and barbeques they’ve “joined in”!
The message from all this is to be prepared, take extra care and be sympathetic to the change in your pet’s routine. You can read our receptionist Ruth’s very relevant article about pets on holiday by clicking here…
We are very excited to welcome Natasha to our team of vets. Natasha joined us last month and is settling in extremely well. She qualified from Bristol Vet School this year but has worked in the area throughout her training. She will be a great source of information on all the latest techniques and treatments to keep us right up to date!
Well, have you noticed? We are now officially (on the website at least!) “Dave Cumber Vets”! Many of you will remember Martin Fielding who was the other half of Fielding and Cumber but has been retired for many years. It is always difficult to change the name of a well-established business but we felt it was now time and so the process has started. First the website and adverts then gradually we will change the signage and stationery and finally you will find the phone answered as “Dave Cumber Vets”. We are still the same, with the same local, friendly, family values which is why we have kept Dave in the name. We hope we will continue to go from strength to strength and that you and your pets will continue to benefit from the increasing services we can offer.
We have lots of very exciting things in the pipeline for 2015 which we will be keeping you up to date with here on the website and on our facebook page so watch this space! We will also be “fine tuning” our Puppy Packages which run alongside our very popular pet health club. They are a great way to make sure your puppy gets the best start you can give them and represent great value as well. Check out the details via the pet health club link at the bottom of the page.

Pictured above are Dave’s dogs Gru & Margot about to abandon ship across the gangplank!

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