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help with firework phobia

As well as all the help and advice offered in our leaflet and article there is also a drug called Alprazolam which is proving to be useful for many dogs who find fireworks very stressful.  In days gone by traditional sedatives have been used to try and help pets... read more

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Did you see us in the Echo?  We felt it was time to let everyone know all the exciting changes that are coming over the next year.  First the name change from Fielding and Cumber to Dave Cumber Vets and then the news that we are on the move.  By this time next year we... read more

fungi poisoning

The warm wet weather we’ve been having has already brought out many fungi in gardens and the surrounding countryside. We’ve certainly noticed some as we walk Gru and Margot in the woods.  Each year we get a couple of cases of dogs who are poisoned by... read more

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dave cumber vets – november 2015

Have you REMEMBERED and are you PREPARED?

The season of fireworks has arrived and will probably carry on for 10 days or so with all the problems that can cause for some pets.  As we say each year, early preparation is the key especially if you would like to desensitise your pet.  Have a look at our article on helping your pet cope with fireworks and then check out the firework phobia products available.  Our staff at both the Dorchester and Weymouth surgeries will be happy to help and advise if you have any worries.

The leaves on our maple tree are all over the front garden, a sign that autumn is in full swing.  Walking in the woods with Gru and Margot we have seen loads of different fungi still going strong because of the mild weather.  Please be aware of the potential danger that fungi can pose  for your pets.  You can read more in our news item.  dave cumber vets advice on fireworks and pets

We mentioned before about the name change from “Fielding and Cumber” to “Dave Cumber Vets”, well the signs outside both Weymouth and Dorchester surgeries have been changed, as has the ambulance. The name may be changing but we are still the same, with the same independent, local, friendly, family values which is why we have kept Dave in the name. We hope we will continue to go from strength to strength and that you and your pets will continue to benefit from the increasing services we can offer. You will now find the phone answered as Dave Cumber vets if you ring our Dorchester or Weymouth surgeries but don’t panic it is still us!

Dave is very excited as we have a new “toy” at the surgery- it is the very latest in laser therapy. Laser therapy has been proven to be very helpful in treating a whole range of conditions in cats and dogs from ear problems to arthritis and the great thing is it is painless, doesn’t require drugs and pets even seem to enjoy it. We have had some very positive feedback from clients so far so click here to see if your pet might benefit.

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