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is your pet micro-chipped

By now you are probably aware that from 6th April 2016 it is compulsory to have your dog micro-chipped and registered with an approved database. Failure to do so could result in a fine of £500. Any dog over 8 weeks MUST be micro-chipped and if you are caught with a... read more

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The buns have arrived!  Practice manager Malcolm looks very happy to accept delivery of the Wessex FM Bun Run.  As mentioned in this month’s editorial we have just started advertising on Wessex FM and last week were very excited to be the latest recipients of... read more

help with firework phobia

Fireworks are not now restricted to November 5th, they are often used to celebrate Christmas and New Year.  We have kept all our firework advice up so click here for our article on helping your pet cope with fireworks and click here for our leaflet on firework phobia... read more

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dave cumber vets – january 2016

happy new year!

We here at Dave Cumber Vets would like to wish all of you a very happy new year.dave cumber vets dog gru

We hope you managed to have a great time over the holiday period despite the very un-festive weather.  Talking of terrible weather, it hasn’t been very nice for going out into the great outdoors – whether it’s your cat venturing out to do whatever cats do when they’re out and about, or you and your dog going for a walk.  This combined with the huge amount of food and treats around at Christmas may mean  you have all put on a few extra pounds!  The answer as we all know is not rocket science – eat less and exercise more – but this can be hard to achieve without help.  Our nurse clinics at both Weymouth and Dorchester surgeries may be what you need to help your pet back to fitness.  Our nurses can weigh your pet and advise on diet and exercise and regular follow up weigh-ins can help your pet gain their ideal weight.  We have a very interesting article on overweight pets written by receptionist Ruth which you may like to read.  So if your New Year resolution for 2016 is to keep your pet as fit and healthy as possible, we are here to help.  This is Gru very pleased that she has managed to steal the cream pot!

Have you heard our Wessex FM advert yet?  As part of the continuing change from “Fielding and Cumber” to “Dave Cumber Vets”, the signs outside both Weymouth and Dorchester surgeries have been changed, as has the ambulance and now we’re on air!  We’ve all had great fun with the jingles and voices and we did a Christmas Cracker in the week leading up to Christmas which you might have caught.

The name may have changed but we are still the same, with the same independent, local, friendly, family values
which is why we have kept Dave in the name. We hope we will continue to go from strength to strength and that you and your pets will continue to benefit from the increasing services we can offer. You will now find the phone answered as Dave Cumber vets if you ring our Dorchester or Weymouth surgeries but don’t panic it is still us!dave cumber vets new building jan 16

…oh and while we’re on the subject of changes, see how the new building is coming along at Link Park!  Its getting taller but it is still a bit draughty. We’re hoping to  start fitting it out in March – Dave is very excited!
Dave is also very excited as we have a new “toy” at the surgery- it is the very latest in laser therapy. Laser therapy has been proven to be very helpful in treating a whole range of conditions in cats and dogs from ear problems to arthritis and the great thing is it is painless, doesn’t require drugs and pets even seem to enjoy it. We have had some very positive feedback from clients so far so click here to see if your pet might benefit.

wishing you and your pets a very happy and healthy 2016!

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